Market analysis

Market analysis is a tool for evaluating a market in its main elements and deciding the best commercial strategy for entering the country.

The study of import flows, the presence of local and international competitors, the distribution channels used, the price surveys at the point of sale, the analysis of duties, VAT, required certifications and sector regulations are a useful compass to orient oneself in new markets.

The market analysis can also help in understanding if and how open a branch, commercial or productive, in a country. In this case, all elements are taken into consideration to evaluate a country and the most suitable area or city within that country.

To facilitate the client choice in synthetic and analytical reports to make it easier to choose the location.

Information regarding incentives, tax exemptions, special economic zones to attract Foreign Direct Investment, cost of construction or renting a building, energy and labour costs, education and employment rates, presence of infrastructures that facilitate logistics, and all the elements necessary to choose the most suitable location to open a branch office are provided to the client in synthetic and analytical reports to make it easier to choose the location.

Patrol International
operates in:

  • China
  • Russia
  • Eastern Europe
  • USA

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