Case history

Industry: Automotive

  • Target Countries: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria
  • Project: Country identification and on-site visit to establish a production facility
  • Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria:
    Market analysis was performed to determine the target country for setting up a production facility. The creation of analytical and synthetic reports indicating the characteristics of each country (zones within the same country) highlighted macroeconomic data, customs duties, logistics, access to suppliers, facilities for on-site investment, cost of constructing or renting a building, energy and labor costs, education and employment rates, etc.
  • Ukraine, Moldova:

The client, following analysis, has identified two countries out of the four studied. For the two countries chosen, a business mission was carried out on site to meet local operators (local Chamber of Commerce, potential suppliers of components, employment agencies, European companies that have set up production facilities in the region, etc.) and begin the operational phase of creating a production facility.

  • Industry: Coffee
  • Target country: Russia
  • Project: Analysis of customs data to identify potential distributors. The customer is provided with the data of the customs transactions referred to one year with indication of:
    • Company name and details of the importing company
    • Customs code
    • Sales volume (Kg and currency)
    • Product description of each transaction
    • Company name of the exporter
    • Product trademark

 The data provided are used by the Customer’s Sales Department for the development of the sales network in Russia.

  • Industry: Shoes
  • Target country: Russia
  • Project: Search for distributors for Italian brand in the footwear industry

The Trade Mission was carried out by setting up a team composed of the client’s Export Department, a Project Manager and an Export Manager from Patrol International. The project included the analysis of the local market and the identification of target partners using also customs data, marketing activities on potential companies in order to create a network of relationships and verify the commercial interest and the organization of meetings with the most interesting prospects in order to sign a distribution contract.

  • Industry: Paper
  • Target Country: Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria
  • Project: Research suppliers and customers for an Italian trading company working in the paper industry

Export Management: a team of Export Managers was set up to analyze the markets of Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria to identify and contact companies that recycle wastepaper to find new suppliers. The project also includes the search for final customers (paper mills) in Russia interested in buying recycled paper.

  • Industry: Machine for food industry
  • Target countries: Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic
  • Project: customs data Analysis and identification of prospect:
    • Russia: customs data was analyzed based on 3 years and referring to the customs code used by the customer to export its products. Customs codes have also been analysed for a set of potential Russian customers with the aim of understanding whether they have imported similar machinery, from which foreign company, and for what amount. The obtained data are used to optimize the strategy in the development of the Russian Federation.
    • Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic: Lists of prospective companies (companies in the food sector specializing in the processing and packaging of fruits, and vegetables) were created, indicating:

      • Company name
      • Address and phone
      • Revenue and number of employees
      • Part of a group / not part of a group
      • Presence of production facilities or commercial branch in the territory
      • Any duties and VAT applied to products in the country
      • Need for certifications

Data analysis enables the client to evaluate the most appropriate business strategy for the specific country.

Industry: Hydraulic

  • Target Country: Russia
  • Project: Support an industrial district in the Hydraulics sector through collaboration with an Italian industrial association. The services provided (customs data, trade mission, export management) were selected according to the needs of the single company:
    • Customs Data: interesting tool for companies that want to approach the Russian Federation for the first time and need to understand the size of imports, potential international competitors and type of distribution channel used.
    • Trade Mission: service for companies that have standard production and want to meet potential distributors.

Export Management: support service in the management of the Russian market for companies with production mainly on order that have distributors, general contractors and end customers as their target company.  During the project the market is analysed through the available tools (including customs data), the best prospect companies are selected, and the contact phase is conducted with the Export Manager of Patrol International who operates from Russia in staff with the Export Management of the client.

  • Industry: Chemistry
  • Target Country: Kazakhstan
  • Project: Market analysis and commercial test: as part of the project, a report was created referring to the chemical products market with a focus on the client’s product type in order to highlight the macroeconomic scenario, analyze customs flows and market data, map potential local and international competitors, and create a database of potential clients or business partners.

The project was completed with commercial testing: interviews with some potential distributors to get qualitative feedback on the market opportunities.

Industry: Thermohydraulics

  • Target Countries: Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
  • Project: Research of distributors and local market analysis for an Italian company producing boilers, burners and heat pumps sold under different brand names.
  • Czech Republic:

Our Trade Mission service allowed the client to meet potential distributors specialized in the sector (companies serving on the local market resellers, installers, contractors, end customers also through chains of proprietary stores) and to start a commercial collaboration to sell in the Czech market.

  • Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine:

Thanks to analysis of customs data were identified: the size of the various markets in terms of imports, the type of competitors located in the country, evaluate their performance in terms of exports to the nation and track local importing companies.

Working in this way, it allows us to select the best potential distributors by evaluating their total imports and the type of product imported. The data is used from our client to define an entry strategy or to optimize local market presence.

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