Customs database is available for the countries where Patrol operates: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.


It allows monitoring commercial flows made through customs to one of the above countries, indicating where the products were produced, where they were shipped from, which company exported the products, the weight of an individual transaction, the cost in rubles and US dollars and the company that imported the products.


Thus, the customs database allows obtaining a list of target companies with their business (customers or business partners) that already import goods and can be contacted for commercial purposes.


Companies often use this type of data to get the first insight in a particular market, to understand what are the flows of imports, from which countries products are imported, the performance of their competitors, etc.


In other cases, when the company is already in the country, customs data is used to monitor the performance of non-exclusive business partners (how many products like mine does it import in one year? Who do you buy them from?) and competitors to check their sales over time and the partners they work with.


Customs database is provided in about two months with a translation into English.




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