Today, the company’s strength is the client and its loyalty rather than the product itself. In order to better manage the markets of Eastern Europe, to help you find customers and business partners or to arrange commercial representations, a company needs to have a meeting venue that is not only virtual, but also physical. Thus, it is possible to provide all support services before, during and after the acquisition of a product to develop the customer loyalty.


Patrol International offices are available for our customers in our premises in Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and qualified personnel in all countries of Eastern Europe where we operate.


Patrol International may operate directly on the market on behalf of the client’s company, providing a wide range of services:

  • Exhibition space or showroom related to operations of our clients
  • Highly qualified staff on site
  • Opportunity to do out our offices with the company’s logo
  • Telephone line in the appropriate language for customer care
  • Diligence in daily relationships with local partners, pre-sales and after-sales support
  • Commercial outsourcing office


We can also deal with custom projects in accordance with the requirements of client companies.




Business representation
and customer care