Business Mission allows the company to meet with clients or business partners in the desired country.


The project is implemented by the Patrol export manager who lives in the target country, coordinated by the Project Manager from the head office in Italy and aims to schedule 5 or 6 meetings with target companies to be held by our client.


During the project, our export manager works on behalf of the client, and the purpose of the Business Mission is to establish contact between our client and potential customers.


For this reason, the export manager will undergo training with the client, use their corporate e-mail intended for this operation and presents information materials (for example company profile) agreed with the client.


In the course of the Project, the export manager will start with market research to find active players, to understand whether they are already importing goods, to assess their importance for entering the market, to present the client’s company with the feedback needed, to arrange meetings with potential clients that have expressed a genuine and specific interest in business contact.


Business Mission is arranged within three months.

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